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10 Best Practices To Get Your Facebook Page Delivering Recruiting Results

Facebook Pages are becoming one of the best places to recruit talent. This white paper outlines the 10 best practices you should follow to ensure your Facebook Page delivers the recruiting results you're after. Facebook Pages are “mission control” for your company’s business on social media and are quickly being adopted by HR teams as a great place to recruit talent.

Companies are creating Facebook Pages to not only promote their products & services to the 1 Billion+ monthly active Facebook users, but also to complement a social recruiting strategy that attracts talent through job distribution, employment branding, and engagement. Some HR executives are creating separate Careers Facebook Pages for their company, while others are leveraging the followers on their primary Facebook Page to convert happy consumers into new employees.

Regardless of the approach your company is taking for a social recruiting footprint on Facebook, read about the 10 best practices to ensure your Facebook Page delivers results for your talent acquisition program.

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