How to Lay Off an Employee

In today’s fast-paced and globalized business environment, organizations have to continuously innovate to remain competitive and sometimes pivot to respond to external challenges or economic downturns. Layoffs are sometimes necessary as an important part of this change process—and HR professionals are expected to know how to lay off an employee and be prepared for a reduction in force under short notice. This guide will give you a clear roadmap to prepare for and successfully conduct a layoff so that you can stay in compliance with employment laws, minimize business interruption, and, most importantly, treat all employees with respect and empathy. Download this guide now to learn the 9 steps to conducting a successful layoff. 

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Why offer outplacement to exiting employees? Layoffs can have a major impact on your organization’s brand reputation and bottom line. In fact, 66% of people who have had poor layoff experiences share that negative perception, according to CareerArc’s Employer Branding Study. Those shares can have a strong negative impact on your customer base. The same study found 64% of consumers stop purchasing a brand after hearing news of that company’s poor employee treatment.

Why CareerArc?

Virtual layoffs and furloughs are more common than ever before. Give transitioning employees the best chance for landing on their feet with CareerArc Outplacement. Knowing that the most crucial component to career transition is personalized one-on-one career coaching, CareerArc connects candidates with professional coaches faster than any other provider to accelerate that next step in your employees’ careers. Our coaches are available 7 days a week for resume and LinkedIn profile reviews, personal branding, networking strategies, interview techniques, and more.

Backed by Millions of Jobs

Recipients of CareerArc Outplacement gain access to millions of active jobs from today's top companies, because our product is backed by our Recruitment Marketing solution. Our dashboard is designed to drive the most relevant jobs to job seekers. CareerArc Outplacement is the only virtual, intelligent platform that adapts to each employee's strengths, goals, and needs - even if those goals change throughout one's transition.

One Intelligent, Responsive Platform 

Our proven 6-step process starts with an orientation module: introductory videos, guides, and assessments prepare the candidate for career transition success. Job seekers can leverage research-backed and modern career assessment tools, quizzes, training, workshops, and content developed by top career management professionals put candidates on the path to success.

Unmatched, On-Demand Career Coaching

CareerArc has assembled a truly remarkable team of career management experts with substantial experience in the realm of career development and outplacement. Our coaches include Internationally Certified Career Counselors, Career Management Fellows, and Professional Resume Writers. That’s why our flexible outplacement solutions, award-winning platform, and dedicated support team deliver better results as employees depart your organization, with candidates landing 2.5x faster vs. the national average.

Benefits of Outplacement

Stronger brand reputation.

Layoffs are a vulnerable time for a company’s brand. Exiting employees, if they feel they’ve been treated poorly, can publicly share their opinions about your company on Glassdoor and social media. In fact, CareerArc’s Employer Branding Study found 66% of people choose to share their poor layoff experiences with others.

Attract and retain customers.

Our Employer Branding Study found 64% of consumers have stopped purchasing a brand after hearing news of that company’s poor employee treatment. Protecting your brand reputation with outplacement puts you in a better position to maintain and expand your customer base.

Reduce business costs.

Brand reputation also helps you save money when recruiting employees. Harvard Business Review reports that when a company has a poor reputation, per-hire costs are $4,723 higher. A stronger employer brand helps attract talent, including boomerang employees. As Forbes points out, these return employees are already familiar with your company culture and are more likely to succeed than new hires.

Better company culture.

During and after a RIF, it is critical for companies to foster a positive company culture to preserve the productivity of remaining employees. If departing employees are able to land new jobs through an effective outplacement program, remaining employees are likely to conclude that they work for a conscientious company that truly cares about its workers.


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