What Can CareerArc Do For Me?

Learn How CareerArc Helps Recruiters Strategically Target Top Talent

Integrated HR Software Suite

Our SaaS solutions solve critical issues at both ends of employment. The core strengths of our technology are integrated within CareerArc Social Recruiting and CareerArc Outplacement.

Social Media Integration

Leverage our social media applications, integrations, and partnerships to seamlessley extend brand reach. Connect with talent by distributing your jobs on their favorite social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Position your open positions in front of targeted talent, and fill roles better than ever before.

Award-Winning Technology & Customer Service

Our solutions have earned top marks in development, delivery, and customer service. Hear what our clients and community are saying about our service.

Employer Branding Solutions

As the only company to offer both social recruiting and outplacement SaaS solutions, CareerArc uniquely manages the two most crucial touchpoints in employment where employer brand is most tested and scrutinized. Together, our solutions give companies the necessary toolsto amplifyand protect their employer brand.

Learn how to maximize your modern hiring and outplacement efforts. 


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