What Consumer Marketing Can Teach HR: The Outside-In Approach to Candidate Experience

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As a consumer, the last best experience that you had anywhere has probably become the minimum expectation for the experience you want everywhere.

At least this is the mindset that millions of highly sought-after candidates have quickly come to acquire. In today’s digital-driven and mobile-dependent world, instant feedback and personalized experiences only begin to describe the expectations candidates have, which employers are challenged to meet.

But these dramatic shifts in candidate preferences are generally happening at a pace much faster than most HR departments can keep up with.

And it’s not a challenge that better “kaizen projects”, improved “HR operating models” or “refreshed LEAN processes” by themselves are going to solve. Rather, HR practitioners must seek inspiration from the outside world and alternative industries to address root causes of candidate dissatisfaction and failures to effectively attract the best talent from competing companies.

Lisa ChartierJoin Lisa Chartier, Global Head of Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing at Philips, who will share insights about what macro trends are influencing companies’ ability to deliver positive candidate experiences in today’s digital world, and how Philips has approached its journey in responding to this challenge on a global scale. Lisa will also provide consumer marketing inspired tips and tools that HR professionals can use to effectively address their own challenges with an outside-in perspective.

Viewers of this session will:

  • Understand how digital consumerization trends are impacting the labor market and today’s candidate preferences
  • Learn from the journey Philips has taken to optimize candidate experience on a global scale within a complex, corporate environment
  • Know which sourcing approach to use for the task at hand.Identify challenges and opportunities that one may face driving innovation-driven initiatives in a traditional HR culture
  • Leave with a 5 step blueprint to start an effective candidate experience strategy, plus consumer marketing-based models and theories that can be applied to one of the most difficult challenges facing today’s HR practitioners

About the host: Lisa Chartier began her career in consumer advertising & marketing, and has spent the last 10+ years applying that thinking to the discipline of employer branding. Her experience in independent contributor and leadership roles at both agency and corporate organizations have given her a 360 degree view of challenges facing today’s HR & Marketing departments, and a track record of significant achievements and learnings to draw from. Lisa currently leads a global team of 13 in-house employer branding experts at Philips and is a regular contributor to industry thought leadership forums and publications.

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