A Talk with GE: How Next-Stage Employer Branding Will Transform Hiring As We Know It

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Recruiting continues to rapidly evolve under the strong influence of the latest marketing techniques and technology.

But have we ever stopped to ask why this is happening? And how do we best decipher between trend, fad, and proven tactic?

Shaunda ZilichJoin Shaunda Zilich, Global Employment Brand Leader at GE, who will guide our discussion on where recruiting and employer branding are headed, why marketing is currently paving the way, and what HR professionals must do now to begin leading the charge.

Watch now and learn how to:

  • Distinguish trends from fads so you can develop sustainable employer brand strategies founded on tools and ideas that will endure.
  • Discuss why trust is at an all-time low, and how creating a culture of trust, championed by employee brand advocates, could be your best investment.
  • Adopt key marketing practices today, but also prepare to lead these trends in the future as employer brand leaders in your organization.


Shaunda Zilich began her adventure with GE to modernize the organization’s recruitment and bolster its employer brand. She runs a global team of three full-time employment brand leaders and a council of 35+ members, building employer branding across all functions and regions, in all GE businesses, and within all GE employees.

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