7 Must-know Candidate Attraction (& Retention) Techniques for 2019

Instagram, Email Drip, Copywriting & More

2018 set new records: the lowest unemployment rate and the highest quit rate in decades. It seems the talent stakes climb higher each year. 

Now is the time to level-up your approach to achieve the quality of candidate flow that sustains and scales. 

Daniel Roberts Join Daniel Roberts, CEO of Friendly Human, who will reveal how a multi-touch system of social media and email marketing campaigns allowed him to identify more culture-fit talent and usher top candidates from attraction to hire in less time. 

Watch now and learn:

  • The effective Instagram approach to filling your talent pipeline.
  • A unique spin on the candidate journey that helps strengthen and retain your talent pool.
  • How your talent attraction initiatives can optimize your post-hire onboarding process.

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About the presenter:

Whether for himself or clients, Daniel Roberts builds bombproof brands by living at the intersection of strategy, art, and technology. Known for his ability to tell stories that help brands relate to customers while also creating a company culture that is extremely sought after. Professionally, Daniel has been fortunate to lead some pretty cool adventures, some of which include winning an award from the American Marketing Association, directing a feature lengthdocumentary in South Africa called RHINO MAN, and traveling to 40+ countries. He has also interviewed thousands of people, from WWII vets who stormed Normandy and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to a former U.S. President.

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