The New Rules of Recruiting

How to Win the Talent Game by Playing the Whole Board

If you think your job is to hire, you're wrong. The same is true if you think you “sell” jobs to grow your talent pool, or find “prospects” to fill your pipeline.

If you’ve been wondering why it’s gotten harder to hire the right candidates, it’s because the talent game has elevated to a new level of play. To win, you can’t think like a recruiter. You have to see the whole board. 
James Ellis
Join James Ellis, Global Head of Employer Brand at Groupon, as he covers the new rules of recruiting and outlines what companies have to do differently to secure the best talent for today, and tomorrow.

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  • Discover how one untapped audience can be a huge source of new hires.

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About the presenter:

James Ellis (Twitter: @TheWarForTalent) is, among so many other things, the host of The Talent Cast [http://thetalentcast.com] podcast. He has years of marketing and employer brand experience, helping everyone from top agencies to rural electricians to Fortune 10 companies think more strategically about how to attract and hire the best talent. He lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter.

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