Sourcing Secrets 201: Powerful Techniques for Targeting Talent

[Part 1 of 2-Part Webinar Series]

In today’s competitive hiring climate, employers are racing to be the first to reach the best talent.

With so many web and social platforms through which to find candidates, staffing professionals find themselves swimming in a world of data, lacking the unique skill set to cut through the sea of information and target that right hire.

Todd DavidJoin Todd Davis, Senior Sourcer at Indeed, for this special two-part masterclass covering the search strategies and data gathering principles you can apply today to reach your targeted talent faster.

Part 1 | The Evolution of Talent Acquisition: How to Become the Modern Talent Broker 

In a world tethered by boundless data, the Researcher/Data Broker holds the keys. Learn the discipline of information gathering and analysis so you can quickly identify the information you really need. If you want to “always be closing,” you need to update your front-end research to find better quality data faster, that yield better hires, faster.

Watch now to learn how to:

  • Evolve into a data-fluent Modern Talent Broker through data gathering techniques that get you the information you really need, sooner.
  • Build a complete candidate profile that includes contact information as well as behavioral data to enhance talent targeting, reach, and acquisition.
  • Optimize and streamline your recruiting and sourcing workflow with tested tools, tips, and tactics.

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About the presenter:

Todd Davis is a pioneer in the sourcing/research space and has had the opportunity to work for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Starbucks, ADP among other leading brands. He has spoken at SourceCon, HIREconf, and Talent42 and has trained sourcing professionals and recruiters at multiple companies. Todd is currently a Senior Sourcer at Indeed and is responsible for identifying leaders in Engineering, Sales, and Marketing for all of the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

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