Talent Acquisition + Marketing

Let's (finally) Be Friends!

What’s the definition of insanity? Working for the same brand but constantly fighting for ownership of it.

Lisa ChartierJoin talent branding expert Lisa Chartier who will share her experiences, learnings and tips for cultivating an effective partnership with your Corporate Brand / Marketing team to realize your brand’s full potential as a business AND employer.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Prepare to engage: How to build the mindset required to establish yourself as an equal partner in the TA/Marketing relationship.
  • How to approach: Using a “common ground” based approach to relationship building, break down current engagement barriers in a focused way.
  • What to say: How to craft your outreach message and structure effective, strategic conversations that build excitement vs. frustration.
  • Executing with success: The Do’s and Don’ts of talent/marketing collaboration. Discover key guiding principles and pitfalls to avoid, so you can define and achieve success together.
  • Take action: Get a checklist of recommended action Items so you can test new approaches, leverage quick win opportunities, and build powerful momentum immediately.

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About the presenter: Lisa Chartier began her career in consumer advertising & marketing, and has spent the last 11+ years applying that thinking to the discipline of Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing. Recently, Lisa built and led a globally award winning talent brand team at Philips, before feeling called to help more practitioners solve their most complex talent branding challenges in a similar way. Lisa is now the CEO & Co-founder of Truist, a company dedicated to re-imagining the talent/employer relationship through authentic value propositions, holistic talent brand strategies, distinctive creative, and cross-functional co-creation methods.

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