How to use your employer brand under pressure

The ultimate stress test

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” - Bob Marley

The COVID-19 pandemic presents companies with global-scale challenges that evolve and compound daily. The line between employer brand and consumer brand is now blurred—if not altogether erased. The choices companies make now directly impact whether candidates will join you in the future and whether customers will buy from you now. Simply put, your employer brand, and the core values upon which it stands, is being put to the test.

But the difficult moments are also often the defining ones. How you react, respond, and move forward in times of turbulence not only determine your business’ competitiveness but also make a lasting impression on your existing and future team members.

So what do you do when the pressure is on? When your employer brand is being tested from every angle?

In this webinar, Ph.Creative CEO and Founder Bryan Adams, Danaher Global Employer Brand Lead Charlotte Marshall, and Job Portraits Cofounder Miki Johnson come together to share how to best activate and apply your employer brand in these unprecedented times.

Sign up and learn how to:

  • Utilize storytelling techniques to effectively communicate during a time of uncertainty and change
  • Keep your employer brand alive even if your company is having a hiring freeze
  • Leverage your employee value proposition to best support your people and business
  • Create an authentic sense of purpose, impact, and belonging at your organization during this crisis and beyond


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About the presenters:

Bryan Adams is the CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, recognized as one of the leading employer brand agencies in the world with clients such as Apple, American Airlines, GVC, and Blizzard Entertainment. Bryan is also a bestselling author, podcaster, creative strategist, and specialist speaker. In March 2020, he released the best-selling book “Give & Get Employer Branding,” co-authored with Charlotte Marshall.

Named the 2019 Employer Brand Leader of the Year, Charlotte Marshall has a track record of successfully building and launching five different Fortune 500 employer brands. She offers 15+ years of experience in driving large-scale global employer brand strategy and development in highly complex organizations, building robust cross-functional teams and alliances. Charlotte earned a B.S. in Organizational Communication from Northeastern University and a MA in Digital Communications from The Johns Hopkins University, with honors.

An anthropologist at heart and a journalist by training, Miki Johnson brings over a decade of storytelling, marketing, and visual media experience to her work helping companies communicate better with candidates. In 2014, Miki founded Job Portraits, a San Francisco-based employer branding studio, with her husband Jackson Solway. Since then, Job Portraits has helped 70+ high-growth startups increase candidate response rates, cut screening call times, and improve hiring team satisfaction, all by better informing candidates and improving their job search experience.

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