3 Keys to Protecting Your Brand in a Downsize: Lessons from the Tech Industry

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Despite strong national employment numbers reported in late 2015, tech companies of all sizes and ages started experiencing layoffs at the final half of the year. Some perceived  this to be the beginning of another tech bubble burst.

Whether a bubble exists or not, one truth remains: Facing high turnover and a fiercely competitive talent market, companies today put a premium on their employer brand--arguably their most important asset and one that comes under pressure during a downsize.

CareerArc CMO, Yair Riemer, draws lessons from the recent tech layoffs and reveals effective ways to protect and strengthen your employer brand during a reduction in force.

Watch now and learn how to:

  • Mitigate brand risks by avoiding the common pitfalls in executing and communicating a reduction in force.
  • Gain practical insight from case studies of tech companies that have recently downsized.
  • Discover best practices and latest tools in brand protection—like modern outplacement—that align perfectly with today’s ever-mobile, technical talent.

Yair Riemer

Yair Riemer currently serves as the CMO at CareerArc, where he leads marketing and product efforts for the company. Yair has led market research and conducted studies on HR topics including employer branding, workplace flexibility, internships and the rise of social media in recruitment, which have been covered in publications such as Forbes, US News & World Report, Inside Higher Education and Entrepreneur.

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