Tech & Diversity Hiring: How Ericsson is Working to Build a Diverse Workforce through Social Recruiting

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Ericsson is among top tech companies committed to a gender diversity hiring plan which means exploring a variety of recruitment avenues.

Join Ericsson’s VP of HR, Head of Talent Acquisition, Diversity Recruiting and M&A—Gunjan Aggarwal—and Sr. Director of Global Employer Brand, Recruitment Marketing & Diversity —Lisa Smith-Strother—as they discuss how they discovered the key to supplying a diverse workforce lay in attracting more women candidates to their employer brand, and how they identified social media as a crucial component to their global diversity hiring effort.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Leverage social media to communicate your authentic commitment to diversity that resonates with candidates, as well as to employees, and energizes your community to support your mission.
  • Make a diversity hiring goal your company will support, and learn the role transparency plays in the diversity conversation.
  • Identify which branding and recruitment strategy and techniques will help you grow a diverse and talented candidate community.

About the hosts:

Gunjan Aggarwal

Gunjan Aggarwal is an accomplished HR leader with several years of experience as Head of HR in various roles across US, Switzerland, UK and India. Currently, Gunjan heads up the Global Talent Acquisition, Diversity Recruitment and M&A HR function at Ericsson. She is responsible for attracting 22k gifted change-makers annually through a highly specialized recruiting, branding and M&A integration team. Gunjan believes firmly that authentic leadership, a diverse culture and digital enablement are the three influential drivers for success in organizations.

Lisa Smith-StrotherLisa Smith-Strother has been in the Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing arena for nearly 10 years.  Lisa has been the Sr. Director and Global Head of Employer Branding and Diversity Talent Acquisition, across Ericsson’s Social and Digital Careers Channels for 2 yrs.  With over 15 years of marketing experience in the financial service industry, she’s held roles with American Express, NatWest Bank, and Bancorp Bank as a Vice President and Strategic Marketing Head.

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