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Return On Influence: Discover The Real ROI of Social Recruiting

Cost-per-hire, cost-per-applicant, clicks-per-applicant—you know the HR metrics tied to social recruiting. But how do you track influence?

Stop shortchanging your efforts and gain the full picture of your true social recruiting ROI.

Join Lindsay Jurisch, Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Sutherland Global Services, and industry veteran, Mira Greenland, as they discuss the best way to measure the full impact of your social recruiting efforts.

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Webinar highlights:

  • Discover which metrics to track beyond clicks-per-applicant to gain a more complete view of your social recruiting ROI.
  • Determine what other KPIs to consider when calculating employer brand influence.
  • Communicate both the hiring and branding benefits of your social recruiting and employer brand engagement.

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