Secrets of a Top Sourcer: Learn Proven Targeting & Hiring Techniques for Social & Beyond

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Online and social networks house a sea of talent.

But do you know where to best source the top candidates? Are you leveraging the right methods, tools, and channels to find your next star hire?

Join Katie Gechijian--founder of the Wells Fargo Sourcing Forum who placed #2 out of 1235 in the World's Greatest Sourcer 2016 competition--as she reveals tested tricks of the trade that can transform your social sourcing strategy.

Session objectives:

  • Learn advanced online search techniques to improve your reach and precision when sourcing on social networks and leveraging search engines. 
  • Discover which free and freemium tools, apps, and browser extensions, are widely available and highly recommended for the modern sourcer.
  • Learn how to effectively establish and manage your social media presence; know which networks deserve the most attention so you can maximize your personal brand with less effort.

About the host:

Katie Gechijian

Katie Gechijian
Vice President, Wealth and Investment Management Talent Acquisition
World's Greatest Sourcer 2016 Competition, #2 of 1235

Katie Gechijian has almost twenty years of experience in talent acquisition, with fifteen years in the financial services industry. She has spent the last eleven years with Wells Fargo, innovating the bank’s strategies for sourcing, competitive intelligence, and candidate pipelining. She leads the bank’s Enterprise Sourcing Forum, where team members gather monthly to learn sourcing techniques and best practices and she recently placed second out of more than 1200 contestants in the “2016 World’s Greatest Sourcer” competition held by Entelo and The Sourcing Institute.

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