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CareerArc Social Recruiting

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Reduce Cost & Time Per Hire While Targeting Top Talent

Leverage social media to distribute your jobs, amplify your brand, and target your ideal hire.

Leverage our social media applications, integrations, and partnerships to seamlessley extend brand reach. Connect with talent by distributing your jobs on their favorite social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Position your open positions in front of targeted talent, and fill roles better than ever before.

Attract & Retain Talent with CareerArc Outplacement

Outplacement isn't just for managing layoffs and restructures. We’ve found that 71% of job seekers are likely to choose a company offering outplacement over one that doesn’t. Learn how CareerArc Outplacement can help you with your employee engagement and employer branding goals.

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CareerArc has enabled Philips to target the right people with the most relevant jobs. The result? A lower cost per hire in key competency areas, and a trusted partner to work with on new digital-based solutions of the future.

— Lisa Chartier, Global Director of Programs & Marketing, Philips


Revolutionizing Recruiting

Recruit the Modern Workforce
Social Media and Job Board Automated Distribution
Hire Targeted Talent Faster

What is Social Recruiting

We help Fortune 500 Companies stay on the crest of social media and recruiting innovation, driving awareness to their jobs and their modern approach to recruiting the 21st century job seeker. With CareerArc Social Recruiting Software you can:


  Automate Social Media and Web Job Distribution
  Showcase Your Employer Brand to a Wider Audience
  Target Specific Demographics & Hire Targeted Talent
  Manage Your Social Content 
  Grow Your Talent Community with Tools and Support

Reduce Your Cost Per Hire 

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Best online platform. This company is awesome.
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Amazing product, awesome customer support.
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Great combination of new technology and customer service!
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