Sharing Economy Study

The Sharing Economy has impacted our labor economy and our very definition of work.

The study revealed significant interest, support, and optimism surrounding the Sharing Economy.

  • 57% of job seekers report having considered working in the Sharing Economy
  • A flexible work schedule is the most desirable benefit to working in the Sharing Economy
  • If faced with a sudden job loss, the likelihood of considering work in the Sharing Economy jumps to 72%

Will job seekers’ increasing demand for workplace flexibility impact traditional work practices?

Additional findings from the 2015 Sharing Economy Study include:

  • Nearly 90% of all respondents believe the Sharing Economy is a positive evolution of the labor economy
  • 2 out of 3 agree that, despite the legal issues that may arise, the Sharing Economy is here to stay.
  • 3 out of 4 HR professionals advise candidates to list Sharing Economy work experience on their resume even when applying to professional jobs.

“With high approval and confidence from both job seekers and hiring managers, the Sharing Economy deserves the attention of every employer who must take note that workers desire flexibility and may now seek it elsewhere, on-demand.” - Robin D. Richards, CEO of CareerArc.

Learn how the Sharing Economy has influenced public demand for flexibility in the workplace, and where job seekers and employers predict this new labor economy is headed.

Participants in the study included more than 1557 job seekers and 391 HR professionals across various industries and company sizes.

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