Employer Branding 201

Webinar On-Demand - HRCI and SHRM Approved

Employer Branding 201: There Are Only 12 Ways to Communicate Your Employer Brand (Do You Know Them All?)

Just because you know your employer brand doesn't mean anyone else does.

But do you communicate it to the world? Wrong question! The right questions are:
- How are candidates actually learning about my brand?
- How do I build tactics around that?

James EllisIn this webinar, James Ellis, Head of Global Employer Brand at Groupon, will reveal the 12 (at times surprising) ways in which a candidate builds their perception of your employer brand, how to evaluate their impact on your talent acquisition strategy, and how to take real action to enhance your Employer Brand delivery.

Watch now to learn:

  • Effective ways of crafting and communicating a unique employment brand message
  • How to evaluate and measure talent brand impact
  • How to choose which tactics to include in your employer brand strategy


About the speaker: James Ellis (@TheWarforTalent) runs The Talent Cast podcast (found on iTunes, Google Play, thetalentcast.com and wherever you get your podcasts) where he can be found doing deep dives all things employer brand and recruitment marketing.

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