Information-packed, interactive sessions

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October 16, 2019 sessions

4:00-5:00 / Customer focus group (by invitation only)

Get a sneak peek at the evolution of our products, services, and brand; provide feedback on the roadmap; and share ideas for the future.

6:30-9:00 / Kickoff party

Let's kick things off in grand style! Join us at the W Hollywood's rooftop pool deck for awesome views of Hollywood at night, mouth-watering hors d'oeuvres, free-flowing cocktails, excellent conversation with other HR leaders, and awe-inspiring entertainment.

October 17, 2019 sessions

7:30-8:30 / Breakfast & registration

Pick up your badges and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast before we head into a full day of sharing, learning, and networking.

8:30-9:00 / Welcome

Speaker: Robin Richards, CareerArc

embarc_website_speaker_robin richards.pngCareerArc CEO, chairman, and co-founder, Robin Richards,
kicks off the EMBARC HR Innovators Summit.

9:00-9:45 / EVP X-factor

A refreshingly honest way to unlock the true value of your employer brand [live workshop]

Speaker: Bryan Adams, Ph.Creative

Bryan Adams, Ph.Creative For some organizations, the quest to define their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can kickstart a healthy introspective exercise where a company’s values and unique offerings are finally identified and clearly communicated. For others—the large majority—the exercise can morph into an existential crisis that often can’t get past the same question: Who are we really?

Do you find yourself struggling to define your real, unique EVP? Do you instinctually “know” what makes your company stand out but just can’t put your finger on it? Are you convinced you know your EVP, but can’t convince your team to embrace the vision?

Join Bryan Adams, CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, as he leads a live interactive workshop that will challenge your assumptions about employer brand development and push you to be honest about what actually makes your organization unique and compelling to existing and potential talent.

Through this interactive session, you can:
  • Discover what truly makes your brand unique
  • Learn how to verbalize and communicate your EVP to candidates
  • Explore the ways to incorporate your EVP into your employer branding

9:45-10:30 / Meet Paul Lieberstein, The Office's Toby Flenderson:
Fireside chat with America’s favorite HR manager

How to find humor in workplace dysfunction and tell compelling stories through comedy

Speaker: Paul Lieberstein, Actor, Screenwriter, and Producer / Moderator: Toby Christie, CTO, CareerArc

Paul LiebersteinToby Christie, CareerArc

Meet Paul Lieberstein, an Emmy Award winning actor, screenwriter, and producer best known as cast member Toby Flenderson on the NBC sitcom The Office, as he shares stories and ideas for finding humor in workplace dysfunction and telling compelling stories through comedy.

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime interview as we:

  • Discuss workplace dysfunction, how to identify it, observe it, and draw memorable lessons through storytelling
  • Learn the foundations of storytelling, which has become an increasingly important skill in every role, especially in HR
  • Discover behind-the-scenes details on how the HR profession was studied, written, and portrayed in “The Office”
  • Interact with America’s favorite HR Manager through audience Q&A—bring your questions!

    10:30-11:00 / Meet + greet with Paul Lieberstein

    Paul LiebersteinSnap a pic with Paul Lieberstein, The Office's Toby Flenderson, to make your colleagues jealous! Or just check your emails and savor a mid-morning snack.

    11:00-11:45 / How to communicate HR outcomes to your C-suite

    A guide to delivering the talent metrics that matter

    Speaker: Shally Steckerl, The Sourcing Institute

    Shally Steckerl, The Sourcing InstituteHR leaders and teams are swimming in data. Equipped with more tech and software solutions each year that can track employee activity, performance, and engagement—HR departments have access to more metrics and dashboards than they have time to analyze, much less report. However, with HR playing an increasingly strategic role in their organizations, HR leaders are expected to become more data-driven and data-fluent to make key recommendations to their C-suite on hiring, retention, performance, and more.

    So how can HR and talent acquisition leaders identify and report on the metrics that actually matter most to their executive team?

    Join Shally Steckerl, President of The Sourcing Institute and Founder of the Sourcing Institute Foundation, in this must-know primer on strategic metrics. Learn the type of data you should be tracking, how to translate that data into actionable metrics, and how to analyze those metrics to serve informed insights to your C-suite.

    Go from data deluge to data-driven with these key takeaways:

    • How to report on outcomes, not processes
    • How to translate raw numbers into strategy
    • How to spot and avoid faulty metrics that can lead to costly mistakes
    • How to really align HR goals to business goals
    • How to not overdo metrics and lead a manageable program for your team

    11:45-12:30 / Successes, lessons, and roadmaps for talent in 2020

    CareerArc client showcase

    Speakers: Kerry Noone, CVS Health / Summer Baruth, Compass Group USA /
    Jon Thurmond, Team Fishel / Craig Barnes, City of Plano
    Moderator: Alyssa Gioscia, CareerArc

    Kerry Noone, CVS Health  Summer Baruth, Compass Group USA  Jon Thurmond, Team Fishel  Craig Barnes, City of Plano  Alyssa Gioscia, CareerArc

    Let’s move past the high-level list of best practices and talk about what matters most: results. Join this panel of fellow talent leaders and practitioners who did the hard work of championing recruiting and employer branding efforts to achieve results that impacted the entire organization. CareerArc clients Kerry Noone (CVS Health), Summer Baruth (Compass Group), Jon Thurmond (Team Fishel), and Craig Barnes (City of Plano) will share their success stories on the main stage so you can discover what worked, how it worked, and what should be on your talent agenda in 2020.

    12:30-1:30 / Lunch

    Power up for afternoon sessions with a tasty lunch buffet.


    1:30-2:15 / The ROI of recruitment marketing

    Speaker: Elliott Garlock, Wayfair

    Elliott Garlock, Wayfair

    Join Elliott Garlock, Head of Strategic Talent Sourcing and Employer Branding at Wayfair, to learn how his group leads the strategy behind the company's systematic talent architecture. In this case study session, Elliott will share:

    • How to balance the three core functions of any high scale talent department—sales, marketing, and technology
    • How to conceptualize the integration of siloed data to bring new recruiting use cases into work
    • How to establish an advanced marketing attribution infrastructure to measure the efficacy of your marketing spend

    2:15-3:00 / Recruitment marketing secrets

    Three recruitment marketing agency leaders discuss what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next

    Speakers: Joe Shaker Jr, Shaker Recruitment Marketing / Eric Holwell, Bayard Advertising / Kelley Powers, Recruitics
    Moderator: David Urban, CareerArc

    Joe Shaker Jr, Shaker Recruiting Marketing  Eric Holwell, Bayard Advertising
    Kelley Powers, Recruitics  David Urban, CareerArc

    Equipped with talent insights from thousands of organizations, three top agency leaders will weigh in on the most relevant topics in recruitment marketing. Join Joe Shaker Jr, President at Shaker; Eric Holwell, SVP of Strategy at Bayard Advertising; Kelley Powers, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at Recruitics; and David Urban of CareerArc; who will share what you need to know today to build the recruitment marketing strategy of tomorrow.

    This interactive panel discussion will cover:

    • Where recruitment marketing is headed and how to tell if you’re on the path
    • Key talent acquisition strategies that are worth, and not worth, your investment
    • Talent attraction trends—which will last, and which will pass

    3:00-3:45 / Switched: Why some live a life divided at work

    A diversity and inclusion discussion

    Speaker: John G. Graham Jr, Amgen

    John G Graham, Jr, AmgenThe concept of “bringing your whole self to work” is an often-used phrase to showcase a company’s encouragement for their employees to feel like they belong. However, not all employees feel that they can be their entire self at work. What if segments of your employee population can only bring half of themselves to work every day based on the realities of being a minority? Some minorities feel that they have to suppress elements of their culture, ethnicity, orientation, language, disability, or gender in order to advance up the ranks, be accepted in inner circles, or appear less threatening based on stereotypical perceptions. They live a life divided and have to ‘switch’ who they are in workplace contexts.

    John G. Graham Jr. will engage you in round table discussions that are facilitated around some of the toughest D&I challenges that we face as employers and in employer branding. The conversations will be uncomfortable but will stretch you to new areas of understanding and compel you to take action upon returning to your organizations. D&I is a contact sport so we ask you to bring an open mind and open heart to help drive meaningful change during our time together.


    1:30-2:15 / Blurred lines: When HR and marketing come together

    Speakers: Hannah Fleishman, HubSpot / Charlotte Marshall, Danaher / John G. Graham Jr, Amgen
    Moderator: Jason Blais, CareerArc

    Hannah Fleishman, HubSpotCharlotte Marshall, Danaher
    John Graham Jr, AmgenJason Blais, CareerArc

    This session will dig into the impactful, but sometimes tricky, overlap between the HR and marketing roles and departments.
    • Discover the costs of not partnering with marketing as talent and HR leaders. What are we really leaving on the table?
    • Learn how to forge a lasting partnership with your marketing team
    • Understand which marketing skills HR and talent professionals are learning now to be better, more competitive HR-marketers

    2:15-3:00 / Stop waiting for permission

    Be the HR leader you know you can be today

    Speaker: Sabrina Baker, Acacia HR Solutions / DisruptHR LA

    Sabrina BakerHR professionals have fought for decades to be seen as true business partners in their organizations. Getting other leaders to see them as equal has long been a wish of many. However, many in our profession are ready to lead often wait for permission before pushing ahead—and often, they wait too long.

    The reality is that all HR professionals can be a partner and be that leader today.

    Join Sabrina Baker, founder of Acacia HR Solutions an co-founder of DisruptHR LA, as she shows you how to own your abilities and the power to lead, and how to stop waiting for permission.

    In this session attendees will discover how to take action towards becoming a stronger leader and business partner through a few key steps:
    • Streamlining the day to day processes that keep them "in the weeds" administratively
    • Learning the business and thinking like a CEO
    • Empowering others to handle employee issues
    • Leveraging technology to make better business decisions that align company and people goals
    • Looking ahead to create strategic plans that create opportunities for employees to thrive

    3:00-3:45 / Compassionate offboarding

    How to have the hard conversations

    Speakers: Caroline Vernon and Patti Bryan, CareerArc

    Caroline Vernon, CareerArc  Patti Bryan, CareerArc

    Join Caroline Vernon and Patti Bryan as they lead a highly-interactive discussion on offboarding employees with compassion and respect—with the goal of retaining a positive, long-term, and mutually-beneficial relationship. They will cover what materials to gather for a layoff notification and how to prepare for the in-person meeting, before delving into the specific tools and services for supporting both the employee and the brand.

    In this session, you will learn:
    • What to say—and not to say—during an offboarding meeting
    • How to mitigate brand impact following a layoff by offering outplacement services
    • How mishandled offboarding can threaten talent recruitment and retention—and a brand’s bottom line

    3:45-4:15 / Break

    4:15-5:00 / Recession-proofing your talent strategy

    How your workforce can prepare for the next dip

    Speakers: Crystyl Swanson, Mercer / Ellen Sheehan, HARRT at UCLA / Kim Johnson, CareerArc

    Crystyl Swanson, MercerEllen Sheehan, HARRT at UCLAKim Johnson, CareerArc

    Almost a decade after the Great Recession, the economy has swung back to hit record-low unemployment rates--so low that some economists believe the recovery has peaked and could swing towards a dip. Regardless of when the next recession might hit, proactive talent leaders are already preparing for the possibility of another downturn. Join Crystyl Swanson, Commercial Mobility Strategist at Mercer; Ellen Sheehan, Executive Director of HARRT at UCLA; and Kim Johnson, SVP of Career Transition Services at CareerArc as they pull from lessons learned from recessions past to provide insight, and foresight, to build a resilient workforce.

    5:00-5:30 / Roadmap sneak peek

    Speakers: Toby Christie and Raman Gulati, CareerArc

    Toby Christie, CareerArcRaman Gulati, CareerArcCareerArc's tech leadership will pull back the curtains and give attendees a look at what the future holds for the direction of our social recruiting and outplacement solutions.

    5:30-5:45 / Day 1 takeaways

    Speaker: CareerArc

    We'll summarize takeaways and actionable learnings from the first full day of the summit.

    6:30 / Cocktails and dinner 

    Location: The Loft

    Come thirsty! Join us for free-flowing drinks and a plated dinner with nighttime views of Hollywood and Los Angeles.

    October 18, 2019 sessions

    8:00-9:00 / Breakfast

    Ease into Friday with a yummy continental breakfast. Go for seconds; we won't tell.

    9:00-9:45 / The hidden cost of declined candidates

    What’s at stake and best examples of candidate experience in action

    Speakers: Bryan Adams, Ph.Creative / Charlotte Marshall, Danaher / Wendy Dailey, Sanford Health
    Moderator: Deb Messinger, CareerArc

    Bryan Adams, Ph.CreativeCharlotte Marshall, DanaherWendy Dailey, Sanford HealthDeb Messinger, CareerArc

    This session will focus on what candidate experience looks like in practice, not just in theory. Discover the best practices in candidate experience design and enhancement from a panel of HR and talent leaders who can point to real-world examples and lessons in the field. Explore the hidden cost of poor candidate experience and understand the compounding benefits of an enhanced candidate journey.

    9:45-10:30 / Essential AI for talent leaders and recruiters

    The tactical guide

    Speaker: Mike "Batman" Cohen, Wayne Technologies

    Mike "Batman" CohenWhat is artificial intelligence, really? How is it being used in the talent acquisition space? We'll go over these in broad strokes, but the focus of this talk will be more tactical than theoretical. How can YOU use AI in your workflow and process? How can it help your search? Batman will walk you through, live, how it works and how to use AI effectively.

    What you will learn:

    • What AI is and isn't
    • What AI (and comparable) tools are available in the TA space
    • How to use these tools in the real-world - not just strategy, not just approach, but also tactically

    Who should attend:

    • Recruiting and HR leaders interested in making their teams more efficient and upskilling their employees
    • Recruiters and sourcers looking to learn about bleeding edge recruitment technology, techniques, and strategies
    • Anyone who likes laughing or superheroes

    10:30-11:00 / Break

    Call your colleagues back at the office and gloat about how much fun you're having in Hollywood.


    11:00-11:45 / The state of sourcing & talent identification

    Real challenges, real techniques, real talk

    Speakers: Shally Steckerl, The Sourcing Institute / Tangie Pettis, Aspen Dental / Mike “Batman” Cohen, Wayne Technologies

    Shally Steckerl  Tangie Pettis
    Mike "Batman" Cohen

    Amidst one of the tightest labor markets in recent history, organizations are relying more than ever on their ability to identify and source the right candidates from the start. But sourcing tactics and tools change rapidly, and long-leveraged talent identification techniques are needing to adapt to new rules in the age of privacy. Join sourcing powerhouses—Shally Steckerl (The Sourcing Institute), Mike “Batman” Cohen (Wayne Technologies), and Tangie Pettis (Aspen Dental)—in this highly interactive panel session where they discuss the sourcing practices that will endure, elapse, and evolve.

    11:45-12:30 / Social recruiting best practices for 2020

    Speakers: Alyssa Gioscia and Alex Youdim, CareerArc

    Alyssa Gioschia, CareerArc  Alex Youdim, CareerArc

    • The 2020 must-have tools for recruiting teams of any size
    • Tips for talent leaders on critical social recruiting and recruitment marketing decisions that could make or break your hiring strategy this year
    • Best practices with real-world examples that show how to execute, measure, and repeat successful campaigns


    11:00-11:45 / Taking charge of change

    How to draw lessons from loss and opportunity amidst uncertainty

    Speaker: Paula Cizek, NOBL

    Paula Cizek. NOBLChange isn't just constant—in today's markets, it feels like it's happening faster than ever. From complex, company-spanning reorgs to seemingly "simple" desk reassignments, employees are struggling to keep up with all the changes needed to stay competitive. To successfully lead their teams in this environment, leaders must first understand change at the human level. In this interactive session, Paula Cizek, Chief Research Officer at NOBL, uses real case studies and client stories to illustrate:

    • Why people resist change—even the "good" kind
    • The different types of loss people experience
    • A framework for leading teams through authentic transformation

    11:45-12:30 / Rethinking talent management: Key talent trends shaping the future of work

    Speaker: Crystyl Swanson, Mercer

    Crystyl Swanson, MercerWith the current talent landscape demanding “diverse and rewarding” work environments, coupled with an expectation of instant gratification, many organizations are feeling the pressure of a talent-driven evolution. More and more, companies are looking for ways to stay competitive in a fierce talent environment, while thinking of creative ways to approach talent development. Crystyl Swanson, Commercial Mobility Strategist at Mercer and Certified Extended DISC Facilitator, will take a deep dive into the current trends influencing talent management in the world of work, how they might impact an organization, and solution concepts that will support an engaged, enticing associate environment.

    Join this interactive talk to learn:
    • Top three talent trends you should keep an eye on and why
    • Talent management strategies to bring you into the new era
    • The hottest technology trends in a rapidly changing workplace

    12:30-1:15 / Lunch

    Power up for afternoon sessions with a tasty lunch buffet.


    1:15-2:00 / Productivity hacks and habits for the high-performing talent pro

    Speaker: Tangie Pettis, Aspen Dental

    Tangie PettisRecruiters and sourcers work in a fast-paced, high-demand field that requires excelling at productivity. Faced with competing priorities on a daily basis, talent acquisition professionals are often challenged to figure out how to walk away from each work day feeling successful. However, with the right tools and techniques, it’s possible to optimize processes, work faster, smarter, and find more time in the day. Join Tangie Pettis, Manager of Strategic Talent Sourcing at Aspen Dental Management, Inc. as she covers tips, hacks, tools, and best practices to maximize success with hiring manager relationships, sourcing techniques, and candidate engagement. Plus, she will cover how to better leverage LinkedIn to attract candidates.

    Here's what you'll walk away with:

    • Practical, tactical productivity tips you can apply immediately and share with your team
    • Toolkit that will help increase recruiting and sourcing efficiency and effectiveness
    • LinkedIn profile checklist to help increase candidate attraction

    Who should attend:

    • Full-cycle recruiters who are in need of tools to increase productivity while sourcing
    • HR and talent professionals interested in livening up their personal LinkedIn profile to yield immediate impact/result


    1:15-2:00 / How unconscious bias affects culture and talent

    Speaker: Michele Ruiz, BiasSync

    Michele Ruiz, BiasSyncUnconscious biases are hidden within a blind spot of the brain, guiding our behavior without our awareness based on what an individual has experienced or been exposed to in life. Having an implicit bias is a universal issue, and unconscious bias experts and studies show that companies that fall victim to hidden biases experience a host of problems, including high turnover rates, low morale, lower profitability, and more. Join Michele Ruiz, Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist and CEO of BiasSync, to learn:

    • What unconscious bias is and how to recognize it within yourself and your company
    • The impact of unconscious biases on your company and team
    • Tips for addressing hidden biases to create a better culture and achieve diversity and inclusion objectives

    2:00-2:30 / HR innovators takeaways

    Speaker: CareerArc

    Dazzle your boss with everything you learned. We'll summarize key takeaways from the summit.

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